Walnut chocolate spread

Walnut chocolate spread is a great alternative to all the spreads containing hazelnuts. Self made and healthier than any brand you can buy, since there is no refined sugar in it. You can replace the Walnuts with Pecans or Cashews as well.

Schoko-Nuss Creme

Walnut chocolate spread


  • 150g walnuts
  • 100g butter (I use Alsan instead of regular butter)
  • 100g honey or agave syrup
  • 3 tbsp unsweetened kakao


Whip the butter until its fluffy. Add the honey and stir it again.
Then sift the cacao into it while stirring to prevent it from clumping together.

Crush the walnuts (or use walnut flour) then stir them into the batter.

30g contain:
kcal: 46,45
protein: 4,827g
fat: 1,12134g

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