Sagar – Vegetarian Indian Cuisine

Sagar are vegetarian, Indian restaurants of which four are in London. One in North Harrow, one in Covent Garden, one in Tottenham Court Road and one in Hammersmith.

The first time we went to the one in Hammersmith where we had two plain Dosa’s (lentil pancakes) one Aloo Ghobi  (cauliflower, fresh tomato, potato and red and green bell pepper curry) and a Channa Massala (chickpea curry). The Dosas were £5.25 each and the curries £6.25 each. Additionally we shared a Mango Lassi for £3.25.

The Aloo Ghobi is on the left there, the Channa Massala on the right. The chickpea curry was a little more spicy than the other one, but not too much. The mango Lassi was very thick, but tasted really good. I only tried a spoon full of the Aloo Ghobi since I am allergic to bell pepper, and it tasted a lot of bell pepper.

Two days later we went to the one near Covent Garden Market, it wasn’t planned, but we were there and couldn’t find any other place to eat.

There we had two plain Dosa’s again, a Mattar Paneer (curry with fresh homemade cottage cheese, peas, cashewnuts and cream) and a Channa Massala again. The Dosas were £5.25 each and the curries £6.25 each. Additionally we shared a Mango Lassi again.

The Mattar Paneer is the curry on the right. It’s very mild, but the bled of spices is really good and it doesn’t make you miss anything. Although you should only eat it when you’re a fan of cottage cheese as there are quite a few big chunks in it.

Unfortunately they cannot guarantee that there won’t be traces of gluten, but when traces aren’t the problem they have lots of gluten free options on the menu, as mentioned and pictured above.

On on top of the food prices and additional 12,5% service charge is added to the bill before you pay for the food. Which makes the seemingly inexpensive more expensive, for our first meal the added service charge was £3.28, but the higher your bill is, the higher it gets as well.

37 Catherine Street
Covent Garden

157 Kings Street
W6 9JT

17A Percy Street
Tottenham Court Road

57 Station Road
North Harrow

If you’ve been here before or you go here soon, I would be delighted when you leave a comment.

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