Pecans on the christmas market

In Germany everyone knows garrapinyades (nuts, usually almonds, which are roasted in a copper cauldron to end up with a crunchy sugary crust) Everyone knows walnuts, too.
But pecans? Caramelized? And then with spices?
The Corinna Stieren delicacies manufactory sells them on the christmas  market.

Christmas Markets in hamburg

In northern Germany they are well known and loved. Garrapinyades, gingerbread hearts and candyfloss, mulled wine, kale stew, crêpes, kebab bowls, garlic bread and deep-fried dough are sold in booth after booth down the street. Together with everything non-edible like gloves and hats, wood carvings and furs.

Last Friday I was wandering from christmas market to christmas market. From the one on the Gänsemarkt to the Jungfernstieg, over the Rathausmarkt (town hall), past the Petri church, over the one at the Möckebergstraße until I got to the one on the Spitalerstraße.

While the different markets are built differently, they seem very similar. On the Spitalerstraße you can find a small booth that looks like all the others at first. But when you look closer you find a beautifully decorated booth inside.

Corinna Stieren Feinkostmanufaktur - Pekannüsse und Ingwerpunsch

This is the booth Of the delicacies manufactory of Corinna Stieren.

They sell ginger punch in red (with grapes, elderberries and dates) and gold (with apple, pineapple and mango)and you can try a sample, too! Staying with ginger they also sell dried ginger sticks as a delicious and warming snack for the winter.

But the stars of the booth are the caramellised pecans with different additional spices: rosemary-sesame, orange-cardamom, vanilla-lime, coffe-vanilla and seasalt-chilli.

Origin: Texas, USA
Taste: Reminds me of walnuts, but they have a milder taste
Season: October till December
Contents: Calcium, potassium, magnesium und iron, high in protein, different b-vitamines and a lot of vitamin A
Healthy? With 72 % fat they aren’t exactly low in calories, but since most of it are unsaturated fats that shouldn’t keep you from eating them.  In 100g you can find a third of the recommended daily intake of fiber.
(When you want to read more about pecans you can do that on nutrition-and-you.)

lieblings pekannüsseThe exotic nut snack is gluten free, lactose free and vegan. And very tasty!

Rosemary-sesame and orange-cardamom are my absolute favorites.

Regardless of whether they are sweet, savory or spicy: Non-vegns will love them, too!

You can find them on the Christmas market in the Spitaler Straße in Hamburg until the 30.12.2016!

The rest of the year you can find the pecan delicacies in the online shop at

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