Hamburgs first glutenfree Supermarket – Glut’n’free

Who doesn’t know the feeling: You see something on the shelf in a supermarket, turn it over and surprise: There is gluten in it. Woho…

You keep searching. And it takes longer and longer and longer. And you don’t find anything. In the end you are annoyed, disappointed and only ever want to order online again in the few glutenfree sections there are.

But not anymore! (At least not for people from Hamburg and the area around.) Because a gluten free supermarket opened in Hamburg Ottensen. I already wrote about the Café in the front of the store, but today the supermarket opened as well!

Hamburgs first glutenfree Supermarket

On most of the flyers and in a lot of the posts the opening date was described as „the end of April“. Today, on the 28th of April at 1pm the supermarket opened. A few of the shelf boards are still empty, but most of them are full and ready for customers.

I was there for breakfast and hoping that I could buy some stuff. 😀

Here are a few pictures of the store:

Click to zoom!

With all my allergies I still have to turn everything around and read every label, but even with all my allergies I have found things I can eat!

For every gluten intolerant person and every coeliac this store is a blessing and I can only recommend a visit when you are around. They have 19 different kinds of noodles, some with rice flour, some with lentil flour, others with buckwheat and sweet potato flour. They have 4 kinds of beer, one even alcohol free. There is pizza, cereal, crisps, sauces, flour mixtures and ice cream. Many things are also lactose free.

There even is a shelf with baby food. Celiac disease is a genetically induced illness and can be transmitted from parents to their child. That makes it very important not to risk anything around your child.

There are stores where you can only buy organic foods (even an organic pet store…) and others where everything is vegan, but not there finally is a glutenfree supermarket as well. And it’s a store where you are not treated like a vegan even though you only have an allergy against gluten. (Nothing against vegans, just against people who think gluten is an animal product…)

Of course I had to go grocery shopping myself. Pre-made meals and cereal for me for university and „different“ spaghetti for my grandma.

You can find their website here

Spritzenplatz 10
22765 Hamburg

If you’ve been here before or you go here soon, I would be delighted when you leave a comment.

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