Gluten free instant noodles from Consenza – product test

„5 Minute Soups“ aren’t very culinary refined and they aren’t even the best instant food there ist, but nobody can deny that they are very practical. You just have to fill them up with boiling water and wait until they’re done. But gluten free instant noodles are still a rarity on the market, which is why I was  enthusiastic when I found those from Consenza.

Here is my  assessment of the instant noodles I tried in the hopes of taking them to University with me one day.

Gluten free Instant Noodles from Consenza

Cheese Snack

Price: 2,79 €
Vegan: No

The cheese snack didn’t taste good at all. Once I had poured in the boiling water it smelled more like plastic than anything else. And it only got worse, since it also tasted like plastic.

The noodles were either not done yet, or already falling apart and since they were hollow the soup powder collected inside them, which made some spoons full even less tasty. I only managed to eat four tablespoons full, then I threw the rest away. For me these instant noodles are definitely not worth their money.

Mushroom Snack

Pice:  2,79 €
Vegan: No

After the mess with the yellow noodles I was very skeptical this time. But when I added the water this time it smelled like mushroom soup and not like plastic. 

Sadly I had some of the same problems with these instant noodles as well: The noodles were either not done yet, or already falling apart and the soup powder collected inside these as well. With some bites you have the raw powder in your mouth with hasn’t dissolved and doesn’t really taste good when it’s not.

Despite that I still have the mushroom snack three of five stars, because these instant noodles are edible when you are hungry and because they taste much better than the cheese snack.

Where can you find the Gluten free instant noodles?



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