Gluten free brownie backing mix from BaukHof – product test

Brownies are great. Almost everyone loves them. If gluten free or not. But in most gluten free brownie recipes one of the ingredients are dates. Because they are sweet and sticky and hold everything together. But then the cake always tastes like dates. When you don’t want that and don’t have a good brownie recipe you can use the gluten free brownie backing mix from BaukHof.

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Vegan Yes

I always make the vegan version of the gluten free brownie backing mix from BaukHof, not because I am a vegan, but because I had bad experiences with the non-vegan version in the past. But even with the vegan version I add 50ml more water than what it says on the back of the package.

The brownies are brilliantly moist and chocolaty. When you don’t make the vegan version they can become rubber like, which hasn’t happened to me yet while making the vegan version.

For making brownies there is no better baking mix and in my opinion they are the best brownies I have ever eaten, gluten free or not.

When you want to make them even more chocolaty you can add chocolate drops or chocolate chunks to the dough before you bake them.

Also you can use this brownie mix for other great things, like gluten free cake pops or gluten free Oreo Cheesecake.

Where can you find the Gluten free brownie backing mix?


  • in Hamburg in the G(l)ut’n’free Supermarket
  • at some EDEKA Stores
  • at Tegut


For more information on this product, see the manufacturers website HERE.

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