Lovemore Free From Foods – product tests

Lovemore Free From Foods was launched in 2008 by the over 60-year-old Welsh Hills Bakery. I saw them first on the „the allergy and free from show Berlin 2017“ where I got small packages of some of their products to try. They are not on the German market yet, but I hope they will be very soon and here is why. [read more…]

Gluten free instant noodles from Consenza – product test

„5 Minute Soups“ aren’t very culinary refined and they aren’t even the best instant food there ist, but nobody can deny that they are very practical. You just have to fill them up with boiling water and wait until they’re done. But gluten free instant noodles are still a rarity on the market, which is why I was  enthusiastic when I found those from Consenza. [read more…]

No bake apricot cheesecake

Cheesecake is one of the most controversial cakes there is. A lot of recipes are with gelatin or with „too much cheese“ but I can guarantee that everyone will like this gluten free, gelatin free, no bake apricot cheesecake.

Gluten free Oreo Cheesecake

A lot of people like Oreos, and since there are gluten free „Cocoa-Double Cookies“ as well I thought: „Why not make a gluten free Oreo Cheesecake?“ and this is it. With a cake recipe for brownies for the cake.

Edible gluten free cookie dough

Edible gluten free cookie dough is a phenomenon from the USA, which hasn’t really reached all of Europe completely. Of course the recipes from America aren’t gluten free, so here is one. You can use this dough to make Cookies as well, but keep in mind that they will be very instable.

Gluten free Advocaat Cake

Advocaat is a popular liqueur in Germany, well loved on cakes, in coffes, pralines or as a shot. This is a recipe for gluten free Advocaat Cake. I took the traditional recipe from my grandma and changed it until it worked.

Gluten free double cheese sandwich

The Brits call it „Cheese Toasty“ and the Americans call it „Grilled Cheese“, but I just call it what it is: A gluten free double cheese sandwich.

London – Day 3 ‚Food at the hotel‘

Even though there actually isn’t much I can write today, I shall post anyway. The hotel food is worth mentioning for it’s gluten free options and their ability to adapt. We went to two museums that day, one of which was the British museum, and that takes up a lot more time than you’d think it would. At the end of the day you just don’t want to walk any further in the search for food. [read more…]