Lovemore Free From Foods – product tests

Lovemore Free From Foods was launched in 2008 by the over 60-year-old Welsh Hills Bakery. I saw them first on the „the allergy and free from show Berlin 2017“ where I got small packages of some of their products to try. They are not on the German market yet, but I hope they will be very soon and here is why. [read more…]

Edible gluten free cookie dough

Edible gluten free cookie dough is a phenomenon from the USA, which hasn’t really reached all of Europe completely. Of course the recipes from America aren’t gluten free, so here is one. You can use this dough to make Cookies as well, but keep in mind that they will be very instable.

Vegan Quinoa Brittle

This quinoa brittle is full of energy, delivered in the form of saturated and unsaturated fats and glucose. It is gluten free and vegan and the nuts in it can be replaced with others in case of other allergies.

Selfmade gluten free Christmas Cookies

We have tried to use our old and loved recipe for cinnamon stars and make it gluten free. We tried it last year, we tried it the year before that and had no luck, but this year it finally worked! Even as a last minute idea these gluten free christmas cookies are great, because they only need 30 minutes to be made, including both preparations and baking. [read more…]

Cinnamon Cookies

Christmas isn’t the same without cookies. Now we tried to use our favorite recipe and turn it gluten free. It took us several years, but here it is. A gluten free recipe for cinnamon christmas cookies.