Lovemore Free From Foods – product tests

Lovemore Free From Foods was launched in 2008 by the over 60-year-old Welsh Hills Bakery. I saw them first on the „the allergy and free from show Berlin 2017“ where I got small packages of some of their products to try. They are not on the German market yet, but I hope they will be very soon and here is why. [read more…]

Gluten free Oreo Cheesecake

A lot of people like Oreos, and since there are gluten free „Cocoa-Double Cookies“ as well I thought: „Why not make a gluten free Oreo Cheesecake?“ and this is it. With a cake recipe for brownies for the cake.

Gluten free Advocaat Cake

Advocaat is a popular liqueur in Germany, well loved on cakes, in coffes, pralines or as a shot. This is a recipe for gluten free Advocaat Cake. I took the traditional recipe from my grandma and changed it until it worked.

Walnut-Apple Cake

Everyone loves Apple cake or Apple pie. And Walnuts and Apples go together wonderfully. This is a gluten free and egg free Walnut-Apple Cake.