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Candy Shop Itzehohe – Bonbonladen & Feines

Candy Shop Itzehohe – Bonbonladen & Feines

Bonbonladen & Feines – the candy shop Itzehohe is (most likely) northern Germanys prettiest candy shop!

After it opened on the 17th of April 2015 I’ve been there a few times. Every time I am there, mostly because it has a train station, I visit the candy shop Itzehohe. Their candy is of a very different (and much better) quality than the ones you can buy at the supermarket.

In the beginning you hardly believe that there is gluten in everything. Whenever possible (but also in a few impossible cases) there is wheat flour, wheat starch or wheat extract mixed into whatever it is you’re buying. Having a sweet tooth is terrible.

But in the candy shop in Itzehohe you can mix your own bag of sweets from more than 300 boiled sweets, liquorice, fruit gums and specialities like nuts, ginger or fruits covered in chocolate or plain.

Bonbonladen & Feines PanoramaClick to zoom!

Everyone will find something they like here!
They even offer a small, but nice selection of filled chocolates. Some of them are heart-shaped.

To make it easier for people with allergies the store has a star-system. Blue starts are for dairy free, pink stars for gelatin free, yellow for gluten free and green for vegan sweets.

Why don’t you visit, too? It will be worth it!

Bonbonladen & Feines
Bekstraße 15
25524 Itzehohe

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