Glutenfreies Kochbuch einer Studentin

Black Delight – Good Coffee and gluten free cake

Black Delight – Good Coffee and gluten free cake

I found the Black Delight Café Bar on  Instagram when I stumbled over a picture in the hashtag #eppendorferweg. Since I evolved into a coffee drinker when I started university I thought I could pay it a visit.

When I was there they had 5 gluten free cakes on offer. Brownies, Raspberry-Coconut, Vienna Cherry, Almond Cake and Macaroons. Sadly all of them were done with almond or hazelnut flour so I couldn’t eat any of them, but for people who can eat nuts without problems they’re great. They sure looked great!

They always have gluten free cakes in the café and they are self-made. While they make them they make sure they don’t make cake that contains gluten in the same bowl or cake tin. They use a different knife to cut the gluten free cakes as well. But a contamination can’t be ruled out since they are made in the same kitchen and stored in the same (the only) cabinet.

The coffee is really good, even though it’s a little bitter. A glass latte macchiato costs 3€ so they are in the mid-range price segment.

They have free wi-fi and the interior decoration is done nicely with a big wooden table in the middle and a beautiful chalk drawing on the wall behind and above the counter. In the summer there are seats and tables outside, which are very frequented since there aren’t many places inside.

Here you can find the website of the coffee roasters which also has an online shop:

You can also order the mobile coffee bar for an event or learn more about barista training.

Black Delight Café Bar
Eppendorfer Weg 67
20259 Hamburg

Approach: Bus station Fruchtallee – Hamburghaus, or U2 tube station Osterstraße

If you’ve been here before or you go here soon, I would be delighted when you leave a comment.

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