Selfmade gluten free Christmas Cookies

We have tried to use our old and loved recipe for cinnamon stars and make it gluten free. We tried it last year, we tried it the year before that and had no luck, but this year it finally worked! Even as a last minute idea these gluten free christmas cookies are great, because they only need 30 minutes to be made, including both preparations and baking. [read more…]

Pecans on the christmas market

In Germany everyone knows garrapinyades (nuts, usually almonds, which are roasted in a copper cauldron to end up with a crunchy sugary crust) But pecans? Caramelized? And then with spices? The Corinna Stieren delicacies manufactory sells them on the christmas market. The exotic nut snack is gluten free, lactose free and vegan. And a great snack, not only for the winter! [read more…]